About Us

K-Four Systems, LLC was established in 2010 with an objective of delivering exceptional business management software solutions that assist clients in managing their business. Our team consists of professionals with real-world experience and problem solving expertise. We are committed to facilitating our clients in attaining their objectives, growth and profitability through customizable software solutions and expert consulting services.

We provide consulting and support services that will meet clients’ current and future needs. Our aim is to build a long term partnerships with our clients and assist them in improving their productivity and profitability by streamlining repetitive tasks and accounting procedures. We strive to provide management with accounting and managerial information on a timely and practical manner .

We create custom reports utilizing the latest software solutions; assisting clients in obtaining management information on a timely manner so they can manage their operations. We create reports that will streamline and assist all departments of our clients operations.

With customers in the Northeast and in Europe, we have helped hundreds of small and medium sized companies run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. We have implemented many different software packages for privately and publicly held companies all over the world.

Please contact Avron Katz at 508-380-1720 or avron@kfoursystems.com